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Shampoo Telai Bike Motul

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Detergent for Bikes - Motul

Frame cleaner.
Volume: 500 ml.

      Motul Bike Shampoo
      Shampoo Telai Bike Motul
      Motul Bike Shampoo
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      Motul Frame Clean:
      The ideal solution for an impeccable cleaning.
      The powerful detergent MOTUL Frame Clean is the ultimate answer to eliminate the most stubborn dirt, whether it be dust, sand, ground or oil.This product is indispensable for the complete cleaning of bicycle frames from city, off-road, mountain bike and more.
      Its distinctive features include the ability to adapt to different surfaces, such as powder coated and more delicate materials such as carbon fiber, lacquer, chrome and plastics.
      Frame Clean is the perfect choice for both conventional and electric bicycles, ensuring effective removal of dirt without compromising the delicacy of materials.
      This water-based formula is designed to dissolve the most stubborn dirt, thanks to its adhesive composition that makes it particularly effective on any type of frame.
      Its exceptional cleaning capacity is supported by quickly biodegradable ingredients, demonstrating the commitment of MOTUL towards environmental sustainability.
      Frame Clean is further distinguished by its rapid evaporation, ensuring that the frame of your bicycle is dry quickly and without residue.
      To further contribute to sustainability, the bottle is 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled after use, reducing the overall environmental impact of the product.
      Choose MOTUL Frame Clean for powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning.


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      Shampoo Telai Bike Motul

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