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Who are we

Quidrez was born from a dream, a project of our Gianluca. Twenty-year experience in the world cars and bikes as an agent of commerce has collected feedback and ideas, suggestions and multiple “this record would be perfect if it had this...necessary that this other...” so as to be able to design and realize something unique and design, extremely functional, lightweight and why not, even “stiloso”.

Because only when you know exactly the purpose and use of a particular tool, object, tool, what really needs to be achieved in a performance that can be achieved “perfect”.

We at Quidrez have pointed at this. Something that can make “this is what was needed, that gives me an extra march”. Moreover we Italians can boast of the fact that we are recognized by the rest of the world as “quality artisans” and in fact what you will see in our products is the imprint of made in Italy.

We take this opportunity on this page to thank all those who have made possible our goal, from graphic designers who have treated every aspect of our products to all Italian artisans who have been designated by us in the realization step by step.

Now we leave the word and curiosity to you in verifying everything that has been written.... ”Those of Reggio” await your feedback!