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Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm

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Attack: Center Lock - Ø 203
Track thickness: 2.0 mm
Color nottolini: Gold

      Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm
      Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm
      Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm
      Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm
      Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm
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      The revolutionary Quidrez® Flatwave brake disc has been specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders.

      The distinctive black grooves on the braking surface are a crucial element in innovative design FLATWAVE®.
      These grooves, not being in direct contact with the pads themselves, play a fundamental role in the cooling process of the disk.
      In addition, they act as heat dissipating fins, ensuring optimum cooling during intensive use.

      The presence of fins on the outer diameter of the disc creates ventilation that maximizes heat exchange, ensuring superior performance in any condition.
      In the meantime, the cutters at the centre of the braking surface are designed to maintain clean brake pads and prevent excessive overheating, thus ensuring any deformations, longer duration and greater consistency in performance.

      Thanks to the technology of the 6 stainless steel nottons, the brake track remains floating, allowing a more effective heat dissipation.
      With a thickness greater than 2.0 mm and advanced heat treatment, this disc is designed to withstand the most extreme efforts, ensuring a longer life than the average.

      In addition, the elegant design of the steel spider ensures that performance is not compromised.
      Each element of this brake disc has been carefully designed to offer exceptional performance and reliable durability, even in the most demanding conditions.

      Alternative solutions that will help you achieve the best performance.

      Complete with fixing ring.


      Data sheet

      Ø 203 X 2.0 mm.
      219 gr.
      2 mm.

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      Brake disc MTB Flatwave Center Lock 203 mm

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