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Brake disc Flatwave 160mm

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Brake disc for racing bike - gravel
Profile: Flatwave
Diameter: 160mm
Thickness 2mm.


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    Racing Bike Brake Disc Flatwave 160mm
    Brake disc Flatwave 160mm
    Brake disc Flatwave 160mm
    Racing Bike Brake Disc Flatwave 160mm
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    The Quidrez Road brake disc with profile FLATWAVE® it is clearly designed with particular attention to the needs of cyclists using Gravel or racing bikes, regardless of whether they are muscular or pedaled assisted.

    Here is a summary of the highlights:
    Suitable for different bikes: the disk is intended to be used successfully on gravel bike, racing, muscle and pedaled assisted.
    This versatility makes it suitable for a diverse range of cyclists and driving styles.

    Efficient use on racing bikes: The disc has proven to offer interesting performance on modern racing bikes. This suggests that it is designed and tested to meet the specific needs of this type of high-performance bikes.
    Thickness of the Pista Frenante: With a greater thickness of the 2 mm braking track, the disc aims to provide greater durability and stress resistance during braking, thus helping to improve long-term performance and heat management.
    Flatwave® design for heat disposal: The Flatwave® profile of the disc is designed to facilitate efficient disposal of heat generated during braking. This is essential to maintain the braking system's performance stable under intense conditions of use.
    Extended cooling zones: The braking track design is lightened, creating larger cooling areas than the mountain bike model (MTB). This feature can be particularly beneficial for racing and severel bikes, where heat management is essential for constant performance.
    Integrated hub with hexagonal insert: The integration of the hub with a hexagonal insert not only maximizes the rigidity of the braking system, but also helps to increase heat dissipation. Increased stiffness improves braking feeling and overall responsiveness.

    Overall, the characteristics of the disc are designed to offer a complete solution for cyclists looking for high performance on the racing bike and gravel, taking into account crucial aspects such as heat dissipation, durability and adaptability to different driving conditions.

    Optimized thermal design
    Increased heat dissipation thanks to the new advanced profile (Flatwave®)
    Increased weight/performance ratio
    Braking mode
    Design optimized in terms of weight and rigidity


    Data sheet

    Ø 160 x 2.0 mm.
    120 gr.
    2 mm.
    6 HOLES

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    Brake disc Flatwave 160mm

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